An artist’s first solo exhibition in a public institution is a defining moment in their career development, generally representing a consolidation of their first few years of work in their chosen field of study. In this case, that field is photography.

The five photographers selected to participate in LANZADERA (LAUNCHPAD) are remarkable examples of Spanish photography by young artists. They all have their own unique creative personalities, which are distinct from and yet complementary to one another. This gives us a picture of the vibrancy of Spain’s current creative scene and the wide range of photographic practices prevalent in the 21st century, which are making a definite contribution to expanding and redefining this artistic medium. At the same time, all of the photographers share a common feature: they are determined creators firmly committed to finding their own personal language, whose projects have not yet garnered enough public attention.

LANZADERA is a project curated by Iñaki Domingo and created to provide this first opportunity to five creators every year. It aims to establish an appropriate institutional framework that gives them the tools they need to showcase and promote their own work in professional conditions.

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